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I'm stupid

I drank way too much coffee before my exam tonight and now I can't sleep at all and I have class in the morning, and the next morning and a exam on Friday that I have no idea how to prepare for. My brain won't turn off and now I'm convinced I failed both of my exams this week which of course means I'll have to drop out of school.

I mean really, who gives a Biostatistics exam that has problems that are nothing like any of the practice problems OR the exam from last year IN THE EXACT SAME CLASS! That she gave us to study from. I'm pretty sure the TA's made it and I'm hoping she realizes what happened. And then there's Epidemiology, it was open note but I still feel like it went awful because I have no idea what he wants from answers and he's been really vague with all of his examples and homework. The exam on Friday is in a molecular biology class, I am literally the only person in the class who doesn't have a degree in hard science and I have no idea how to study for a entirely essay based science exam.

So anyways, pretty much any confidence in my abilities and intelligence has vanished in the past few days. This is fun. Remind me again why I'm going thousands of dollars into debt for this?


Really though, I love this stuff and I really really want to do well. Sorry for the rant. I should go try again to sleep now. Wish me luck!

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