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When it comes to my little cousin.

I will literally do anything for her, and I think she's starting to notice that.

She just called me from her Dad's phone asking if I could pay her phone bill this month. SO what'd I do? Logged into her account and covered the bill. I know her POS Dad could afford to do it but he just won't. He treats her like such garbage, but her little sister, who's actually a shit is the perfect child to him. It makes me so angry. That on top of the fact that she lost her mom to heroin last year, I just cannot say no to her.


I know she's grateful, and I think it's SO important she has a phone so she can communicate with my mother and myself. But damn, I just went Christmas shopping yesterday, I have to pay my through the roof Comed bill this week, save up for gas because I have to go to MI for Christmas, and be able to still pay rent on the 1st. I think when I bring her out here for her Xmas vacation I'm just going to downgrade her to a Virgin Mobile account so it's pre-paid $35 a month. If I'm going to be paying every month, she's gonna get what she gets. Ugh.

Wow. Such adulting. Much broke. So stress.

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