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I'm super gross

I am in charge of doing the dishes at home. PapaBear and I split various tasks around the house, and dishes is one of mine.

We eat popcorn a LOT. Like, every single day. We have 3-4 giant popcorn bowls. Our popper is an awesome oil popper that we love, so the bowls get a wee bit greasy inside, and there’s salt all over them.

And I HATE washing them. I mean... there’s salt in there - so they’re fine, right? Because i refuse to wash them regularly. When they’re on the counter, I just put them away, unwashed. I mean, there’s just oil and salt in there, so what’s the big deal?


PapaBear thinks this is super gross. He wants them washed after each use. Now, when we have people over, I ALWAYS wash the bowls afterwards. Or if someone in the family has a cold, etc.

But every day? No, thank you.

I also don’t pick up the damp bathmat to hang it up to dry after each shower. Instead, I just toss it into the washing machine with the towels once a week.

I’m a complete monster of disgusting.

What are YOU gross about?

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