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I'm supposed to be making french bread, but am lowcarbing...

So here's a picture of my big fatboy fishie, Shu-Shu, while I procrastinate like a mofo. (One of ten goldfish, the other nine are random "Ryukin" goldfish, plus one Shubunkin. I know all of this because I'm slowly going insane.) S/he's a pretty rare coloration of Oranda - he's actually pure white, but the "yellow" on his cap is the color of the fluid in the bumpy cap. Don't tell the PetSmart ppl, because they sold him for $9, and the closest I've found to a true value on him (yk, from other Crazy Goldfish Ppl) is $250.

Nope, still not interested in making bread to go with gumbo tonight. Hmm.


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