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I'm sure everyone is as sick of hearing about it

As I am dealing with it.

But it's fucking cold. We woke up from a nap on Sunday around 8pm, and our townhome was FREEZING. The thermostat was set at 72° and it was 50° in the house. I started freaking out about the pipes so I dripped them with warm water. My fiance started hanging blankets over the slider and bay window, while I boiled water.

I was pleasantly surprised my manager texted me yesterday morning and said to stay home, but not until after I was completely finished getting ready for work. So I decided to bear the cold and go to Big Lots or Target for a space heater. I couldn't find a single one that was under $120. I'm guessing everyone bought the cheapies before the cold hit? Anyways, I bought it and it's helping. When I left today the thermostat read 62°!


For some reason, even thought Indiana was in a state of emergency, the Ford plant didn't stop production. So I had to worry about my human driving 45 minutes to Cal City in the shitty weather only for them to decide after 4 hours nobody was actually going to show up, and send them home.

Last night one of his good friends at the plant left before they sent people home really suddenly, and he knew it was because his Dad passed away. My human is really bummin' for his friend and I really want to help him feel better, but I don't know what to do :( I'm going to make some cupcakes and maybe a lasagna for him to take to work on Friday, hopefully that will cheer them both up.

UGH, it's been a long, shitty weekend and I'm happy to be back at the office. I'm gonna start S3 of Breaking Bad today! Hopefully you're all staying warm <3

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