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I'm Terrible at Firing People

My school has been piloting this peer led learning thing with my class, so I get to be in charge of hiring the peers doing the leading. I had a guy last semester who was sweet and earnest, but not terribly good and he knew it. So I told him that he could have the job this semester and then good/bad things happened. I got more applicants then positions I needed to fill and they were all far more qualified than this kid with tenable experience. So I sent him an email that was super super badly worded that basically said I found other people and so I wouldn't need him this semester. And I've been feeling guilty all day.

And of course one of my people bailed with a time conflict (which I don't really believe as I'd repeatedly told this guy the time commitment-my theory is he balked at the low pay or had some reason he couldn't take the job). So now I've got a free spot and so I sent a text to the kid I fired apologizing for the stupid email and telling him the job is his if he wants and I'm wondering how long it'll take me to not feel like a heel over the whole thing.


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