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I just dropped some serious cash on this palette, you guys, but it's soooooo nice.


It's soft and the colors illuminate my face beautifully. It has that really luxurious high-quality pigment feeling that glides really nicely on your skin — it's infused with magic snake oil that helps the pigments to somethingsomething.

I got the Heart-Full palette from the Murakami's collaboration with Shu Uemura for Christmas. The only downside is that its marketing relies on a tired and slightly sexist "Madonna/Whore Complex" dichotomy, wherein all ladies have the "black" side and the "pink" side, and you must choose which to bring out!!

Here's the other vastly different palette, for all you skanks out there:


And there's a cute video that helps to drive this home:

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've been reading the new Sailor Moon comics now that they've finally been translated into English and I'm on an anime kick.


But the pretty! The pretty!

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