But I don't know what to get. Help?

I never used any of their stuff before, but a bunch of you guys rave about it all the time so I really want to try some stuff. There is a Lush store in the city but I don't feel like traveling to it, so I was just going to order stuff online.

Which of course means I can't smell it.

I like most smells so I'm not too worried that I'll hate something, but I guess I'll tell you all what my favorites/most hated are and maybe you can recommend some stuff? I'm mostly looking at their bath stuff. The bath bombs and bubble bars look really cool! Pretty much any that will help me relax and sleep, and if they moisturize my hella dry skin in the process, that would be cool, too :)

Ok so as far as scents go, definitely nothing floral because I'm allergic. I can do citrus, as long as it's not too strong and the main scent isn't lemon because I hate lemon. Also no lavender - also allergic. For baths I usually like warmer scents, like vanilla and coconut and stuff.

I'm not going to buy any face stuff, because the skin on my face is super sensitive and I have a pretty good routine down for it to keep it clear.


I was thinking about trying this for my hair, but I'm a little afraid it'll make my hair too greasy. Any of you guys try it before?

I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars or anything, but I have about $50 to spare. Kind of a "my financial situation is better now and I can afford to buy myself a present for the first time in years" kind of thing :)