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My leg is feeling a lot better but I'm feeling really emotionally drained lately and I just want all of this to go away.

My roommate asked around at a gas station and 7-11 near the intersection of my accident and they told her they might have cameras facing the street. So I asked the police to look into it but unfortunately there was no footage of it. I had to call like 5 different police numbers the other day just to talk to the right person. It was emotionally draining and I'm more than a little upset that there was no real outcome. Honestly though, finding the person who hit me would mean legal battles for who knows how long and digging up this memory over and over and I just want to stop thinking about it.


I'm tired. I'm tired of being tired. There have just been too many car related troubles in my life. That was why I got the scooter in the first place, to save myself some trouble, but now I have even more troubles. Parking has been so hard. Trust me when I say even if I had a spot in my building it would not be possible for me to unlock the manual garage gates to even get it in. Street parking is ridiculous, if it's not street cleaning, it's garbage day and I have to park like a block away on crutches. I'm so tired.

I think about all the hassles I've had driving; the time my car was towed for "expired registration" that I had just paid an ass load at the DMV for. The tickets for "blocking a driveway" when my car might have been an inch or two on the part where the curb starts to taper into the driveway, not even in the driveway itself. The time that ass hole tried to tow my car for "blocking their driveway" when I clearly was not. The time someone wrote "asshole" in the dust of my car for some unknown reason. The time a woman yelled at me from her car over something I don't even know, then proceeded to get out of her car at a red light and yell at me some more, to this day I have no idea what her problem was. The—I don't know—5 or so fender benders that I had to take the fault for because people in this city drive like maniacs or stop to fast or change lanes without warning. The time when I lived in an apartment building with a garage and someone broke my window and stole my iPod in the garage in my building, pro tip: don't live near a pawn shop ever! And all the things I'm probably forgetting about because I have blocked them from my memory because driving has become a traumatic experience but I have to do it.

I'm just tired. Send me something to cheer me up, I need it.

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