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I can’t stop thinking about inappropriate text from my co-worker this weekend telling me he wants to have sex with me.* In one of his follow-up texts, he said something along the lines of “I thought of all the ways this could go wrong, but decided to ask anyway.” No, the asshat just thought of all the ways it would make his dick sad because I turned him down or was angry at him. He didn’t think about the ways it would go wrong for me.

  • He didn’t think of me hesitating to check my phone every time my notification sound went off, afraid it was another message from him.
  • He didn’t think about me cautiously going through the grocery store checking every aisle before I went down it, just in case he was there.
  • He didn’t think of my feeling angry and upset because once again it’s been proved that no matter how intelligent I am or how competent I am at my job, there are people that will just see me as a hole to stick their dick in.
  • He didn’t think of me spending time this weekend wondering if there was something I said or did that encouraged him and made him think this was something that would be okay...that I would respond positively to.
  • He didn’t think of me totally disgusted knowing that even if I didn’t agree to have sex with them, there is nothing I can do to stop it from me being in his head while he’s jerking off.

Nope, he just thought “will she say yes and make my boner happy, or will she be angry, say no, and make my boner sad?”

*I know I should report it. But, with moving and starting a new job in two weeks, I just don’t have the time or energy to devote to that. Plus, I hated seeing it every time I opened my messages, so I deleted them. In hindsight I should have archived them.

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