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I'm Tired of this Government Shutdown

Guys, I'm over it. I am. I barely even check headlines anymore because I just assume (correctly) that everything is still fucked. And it is. It is royally fucked. So I made a list of things that are kind of ok in the world still. Does this help? No. We're still fucked. But it's a list. What are your things that make these weeks less obnoxious?

1. Pumpkin-spiced existence*

2. It's almost fall in the south. I wore pants this week.

3. Wendy. Fucking. Davis.

4. Malala was on The Daily Show!

5. Red Pandas are adorable.

6. There's a first edition of Pride and Prejudice for sale right now if I only had $75,000


7. I've lost more than 50 pounds in the last two years as of last week

8. Discount Halloween candy cometh

9. There's an otter somewhere that will snuggle my face.

10. I don't know. The day is just beginning.

*I do not get the pumpkin obsession.

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