And maybe I shouldn't be? Is the wage gap happening to me?

I like my job. I really do. But it's basically my life right now. So maybe I"m obsessing about this issue, but maybe not.

There are no yearly performance reviews, no yearly raises. When I was hired, I was told that within a year I would get a 10k raise, because I was only missing X qualification that I would get in a year's time. That year has passed. My promotion/raise is still up for question. It is not, they say, a performance issue. I'm great, they love me, etc. It's just whether or not I've filled the qualifications necessary for this position's budget-line-item, as I work for city government bureaucracy.

Ok, fine. I continue to care a lot about just being good at this job and doing what I have to do, putting in long hours etc.

I find out that a person who is at my level is getting promoted. To the level I feel I am at. This guy and I have the same job. He's been there about 8 more months than I have, except he has no experience in our field. Or in any field. He has 1.7 years of work experience, and I have 5. I have a masters degree from an ivy league university (sorry, this doesn't matter really) in this field too... I have everything to make that higher bump but yet he's more deserving than I? What puts salt in the wound is that he takes my content for his team as well. Meaning that I create 80% of the original content for both our teams.


WTF? I am so upset I am reeling. The guy and I are friends so we've talked openly about it. His boss just pushed for him to get promoted while mine seems reticent.

My boss adores me. I am generally very well liked in the office, and I do good shit., work well with others and have had no problems at all. My 'review' went well and there were no issues when I asked specifically. What the fuck? I just recently talk to my boss and she gave me the 'formulaic qualifications' shit line. I feel like they are acting like I am a pushy millennial who doesn't deserve the shit that she asks for. But this guy has far less experience and is about to make more $ for the same job, where he uses most of the shit I actually create.


What do I do?? I'm actually upset.