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I'm weaning off Lexapro and I'm scared.

(My first GT post, wheeeee! I screamed with joy when I saw my posting privileges!)

Anyway, I'm super depressed right now. I've been on Lexapro since the last trimester of my pregnancy (my daughter is 2.5 right now) and it's never worked great but now it's not working at all. I weaned off Effexor in 2009 and it took me six months and I went through hellish withdrawals. I know Lexapro isn't the same exact kind of medication, but I'm nervous about doing this- especially sine I have a toddler now and can't afford to lay in the bathroom and cry all day. I've gone over all this with my doctor a million times, but I'm still scared. And right now I don't know what medication I'm going to get on after I've weaned (I want to get back on an MAOI but I'm still nursing infrequently and UGGH) and I feel hapless. Tales of getting off an SSRI are welcomed, as is commiseration bitching. I'm having a real sad right now.


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