I'm not a pants-wearer.

And yet here I am, wearing a pair of goddamn jeans that are sucking the life out of my legs.

The reason? I had a tiny surgical procedure and the area that is most affected is also the area where I put my cute belts on my dresses. All of my dresses are cute 50s jobbies with nipped-in waists. It hurts to wear dresses. I tried. And it hurt. I'm pissed.

Now I'm stuck wearing these...things that are making prisoners of my legs. I have two pairs of jeans. The ones I'm wearing now are supposedly the "comfortable" ones. They SUCK. I'm sitting down and my belly pooch is hanging o're top which is really uncomfortable. My legs are itchy.

I cannot wait until this heals and my gams can be free again.

ETA: Why do people claim that pants are more comfortable than dresses? And why do some people claim that wearing dresses is tantamount to bowing to the patriarchy?


I'm not sorry that I'm a lazy ass who doesn't want to match bottoms to tops. I enjoy looking "put together" even though it literally took me a minute. I like keeping it nice and airy down there. I like to let my lady garden breathe.

As that rando wizard said in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: "I like a nice healthy breeze 'round my privates, thanks."

ETA2: I wish I owned more skirts right now.