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"I'm White, but I love Latina women".

Oh, online dating and the likes. I posted something on Cl recently, but posted it in the "strictly platonic" section. Occasionally, I get White men who like to make it known that they are White (even though in the past I specifically say I'm more interested in Latino men than anything else) and they like to say "I love Latinas".

Who cares?

Why do you need to let me know you love me and my kind? Stop trying to butter me up and convince me to talk to you. I don't think these guys realize how "othering" it is to say "I love so-and-so women". I don't need you to tell me that you love me. You sound obnoxious, racist, and like someone I wouldn't speak to.


To sum up nicely: Will it make a Latina more likely to speak to you because you say you love us?

Edit: Also, my apprehensiveness towards dating White men goes down to comments like these that I hear them make on occasion. I don't think ALL White guys say these kinds of things, but it makes me wonder when, on top of everything else I have to worry about on a date, a White guy will say some stupid racist shit or ask me a question. For me personally (I won't speak for other WOC), it is easier to date Latinos and that's what I'm attracted to. I also get asked "Why not a White guy? Why don't you like us?". Another obnoxious question that doesn't make me like that particular guy.

Sorry White Men, it's not always about you. Sometimes you need to just take it in stride and let it go.

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