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I'm with Fred. Or OT---

It is sad that yesterday wasn’t Valentines Day first in my mind—but rather I spent the day listening to lies on the news about our new “emergency” and along with Nancy Pelosi, thinking about the real emergencies we have that are not being addressed. It isn’t about them, but because Parkland happened on Valentines Day, it now is kind of a symbol for all the kids and adults who have been killed by guns in the wrong hands, while our government sends them thoughts and prayers and does nothing.

Fred Guttenberg—who has committed his life to fighting for change since he lost his girl, posted this just today.


And we have another Active Shooter situation happening right now in Aurora Il.

Updating—ABC reporting shooter apprehended


And our fearless leader is on his way to play golf. Overturning the Constitution is hard work, he needs a break.


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