I'm writing this post on my kindle because both my HP and my Mac book are on the Fritz. I've had anxiety ridden 24 hours. I've written here on gt at least three times about my former job, supervisor and the violations of HIPAA that occurred. I reported her about two weeks ago an while I don't know her exact fate I do know the hammer has come down in some way. After receiving multiple texts from her daughter, saying "fuck you you ruined not only my mom's life but mine as well" also calling me a fucking bitch because apparently this is all my fault and I can go to he'll. I'm feeling pretty guilty and pretty lousy. They dont know it was me who reported it as they told her they audited her access of charts and my supervisor knows my aunt knee about her accessing my deceased grandmothers chart. Despite that, they all (other co-workers included) won't hold my supervisor accountable for any of her actions. It is infuriating. And I apparently, per yesterdays text need to watch out "for karma". I am reeling inside a staring to wonder if. the right thing was done. I did find ten dollars on the sidewalk today so as it stands I think my karma is ok.....even tho I do t believe it it.