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Imagine "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" As A Meatloaf Song

There is only one response “hell yeah it should have gone to both”. Bonnie Tyler her version I am not sure how Meatloaf could have improved it. Yet he and Celine Dion did “Its All Coming Back To Me Now” although to me Meatloaf’s version is slightly better because I think the song works better as a duet then a solo song. Vocally Celine killed it more then Meatloaf did but to me she should have sung it as a duet.

Both Jim Steinman and Meatloaf dispute that Total Eclipse was written for Meatloaf. I never understood why Meatloaf never covered it later on. The two men collaberation is probably the best rock collaberation ever. Jim wrote Meatloaf sang.

I have heard Tyler damaged her voice in part due to this song which she did in concerts for a long time. I never knew if it was a rock myth or true. Its like all Steinman songs a vocally demanding song. Its Pop Rock but still very demanding.


Looking back ultimately Steinman made the correct choice but I wish Meatloaf covered it years later after it was firmly established as a Tyler song. Its All Coming Back two versions are different enough the same could have been done for Tyler and Meatloaf. Pandora’s Box originally sang Its All Coming Back but it seems more like an experimental version.

Thoughts? Who would you have given the song to at the start? A case could be made for both.

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