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Imma see my bestie + BF update...

My best friend and dancing soulmate finally got her shit together and moved from AZ to the bay area and she's visiting me this weekend!

I haven't seen any of my friends in forever because of this relationship I've been in. Of which I have an update. He's been largely quiet this week and has let me be. Mostly likely because I told him I am out if he doesn't start therapy. I really believe that he thinks he is fine. And that's a-ok, he's just going to have to be "fine" with someone else. I've made it clear that I love him and I do want to be with him, but I WILL leave to protect myself.


So, he's either really giving thought to therapy (doubtful), trying hard to not contact me or has just been busy with work.

I, on the other hand, have just been trying to not think about him. I feel okay, though. But I am still in this weird transitional space. I haven't been alone in a really long time. AM I GOING TO HAVE TO INTERNET DATE???

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