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Immigration and Integration

You guys, next time you take a taxi (if that is something you can afford to do), ask your cab driver what he is trained in. My cab driver tonight was a civil engineer in Afghanistan, and one of my best customers at Starbucks when I worked there as a student was a medical doctor in Pakistan and desperately trying to gain Canadian credentials to practice and support his family.

It is so fucked up that educated people from different parts of the world are sought-after as immigrants because of their educations and experience to Canada, the US and other western countries, and then are SYTEMICALLY denied the opportunity to laterally transfer into a job market that needs their skill sets because they are foreign and were educated in countries where the population is primarily not white.

THIS IS FUCKED UP YOU GUYS. Like, massively fucked. These are people trained in highly specialized fields whose experience is denied because it didn't happen in North America or Europe. Hi Racism, have you been hanging out inconspicuously elsewhere?


I am always heartbroken when I meet cab drivers who would have led more than privileged lives in their former homelands because they wanted to come to North America and get "a better life" for their families only to be trapped in low-level jobs for being brown or educated in countries that are not predominately white.

Tip your cab drivers well. Do what you can to help new immigrants integrate into their adopted communities. Be better humans than the systems that are set-up to attract the best and brightest and then fuck them upon arrival. Help whenever and wherever and with whatever you can.

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