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I got an email from a client wanting a quote for an item not on their distributor price list. I sent the email to my boss. She is a busy woman and was in meetings. I feel that as long as I am giving you what you need by EOB, you have nothing to complain about. Don’t harangue me for two hours about this and then get snarky at the last email saying “I would ask you for pricing about XYZ but I don’t feel like waiting two hours.” Excuse me, just because you’re pressed for time doesn’t mean I am; I have told you along the way that I was waiting for the quote; harassing me will not speed your process up. Chill the fuck out. Tell your customer to breathe. And this is the same client who, when I acquired their account did the whole “Well so and so did this and we didn’t have to wait for that.” Well so and so is no longer here, and I’m doing the best I can for you. Don’t be a snarky asshole. I don’t have time for your shit, especially because it’s not like I’m not busy also. Ugh.


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