Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery


Anyone else feeling all over the place today? I have been so caught up with trying to wrap up a bunch of things and last minute meetings before winter break, also I’m in a anxious/excited/terrified tizzy because I’m now up to preparing for three big job interviews (two of which happen during the January portion of our university’s winter break, which means I’m going to spending the a good chunk of my earlier break time prepping)...

And in the midst of all this I completely missed the impeachment protests, and was almost forgot that today was impeachment trial day. And now I’m in even more of tizzy, because how the hell am I supposed to focus on this week’s work when all of this stuff is going on?!


So, at least I remembered just now to call my stupid representative’s DC office to urge him to vote for impeachment, but he’s a GOP dumbass that’s up the orange traitors ass so I know he won’t. But at least I tried.

So, how’s everyone else’s day going? Anyone feel as in a tizzy as I do?

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