I just realized that The Golden Globes are airing today starting with fashions at 4pm PST therefore the Sherlock Viewing Party shall not happen this week. BUT if anyone wants to livechat about the Golden Globes (DRESSES!!! or whatever) or have an open thread about it, I'm down to open the Chatzy room for that.

Yes, Sherlock, I enjoy the Golden Globes and the fashions and the drunk awards that mean nothing. I like seeing the pretty people flounce about schmoozing and boozing. It's ok.

Jeez, John, it'll be ok. We'll just have it next week.


Don't look at me like that, Sherlock. Or look at me like that all day cause it's kinda hot...*ahem*

Anyway!! Sherlock Viewing Party has been preempted by Golden Globes frippery. I can open the Sherlock Chatzy room for folks who wanna live chat the Golden Globes + opening fashions if there is enough interest.