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First thank you Edie, Sabriel and Askim for your notification to board and mods.

I last commented to Simon in my post about Scooby Doo and Batman. So anything between then and this post was not me.

Somebody in nongrey has a beef with me. This person a couple of days ago in grey used two different names to tell me to post once. Then they responded using grey different name saying its not 2012.


I find it highly odd that a person in grey targetted me by commented using porn. Same person from a couple of days ago? Who knows. Coincidence? Maybe.

Yet this time you did not just attack me but by posting porn pics may have triggered people whom I am fond of. That was WRONG. I am your target not them.

So grow up. Have some beef with me then post it here. If its grey I will delete it maybe not instantly but when I see it. I ask everyone to ignore grey replies. They may be legit but I strongly suspect its a nongrey who cowardly use grey.

Remember I am your target.

So reply. Pour your beef at me (not as grey) I will delete this tomorrow. I may not respond or may. I will read your beef.


I am very angry that you used my friends here to attack me. It could have been done for jolly kicks but I suspect it was targetted for a reason I cannot help but think there is a link to the comment in grey to post less.

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