Welcome To The Bitchery

Important Announcements!

1. This is my new, Advent-appropriate screen name.

2. I have decided that my kids will no longer be PhBoy, PhBoy, and PhGirl, but will instead be referred to collectively as the Gradlings and individually as Gradling 1, 2, and 3 by birth order.

3. The main reason for 2 is that I have an kind of unfunny (not tragic, just stress-inducing) post to make about Gradling 1, and I didn't want to introduce the new monikers in that post, lest my wit distract readers from the seriousness of the post.


4. It is 77 right now. There is the possibility of shleet (the technical term for "shitty sleet"; see also "shice" and "shnow") tomorrow night. TEXAS WEATHER, YOU ARE DRUNK. GO HOME!

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