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IMPORTANT discovery/Saturday AM OT

GUISE. The angry-panda-destroys-computer gif, objectively one of the best gifs in the entire history of the internet, is originally from a 2010 Egyptian commercial... for CHEESE.

fuck you, microsoft updates

Eat cheese or panda will destroy your shit, basically. Observe:

Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who didn’t already know this fun fact. Because then I’ll be <s>embarrassed</s> sad. Also can we use HTML here? We’ll see!


So, dear cheesy lentils*, what’s on your Saturday vagenda?

Mine will now have to include cheese, obviously, because I don’t want my house vandalized by an angry panda. Also yesterday’s post has got me craving tea, so I’m thinking of putting the kettle on once I finish this post and get out of bed. Then I have to do the errands I was too sick to do last weekend, and maybe I’ll finally conquer the last of Laundry Mountain (what fhb & I call the pile of clean-but-unironed clothes on the chair in the corner of the living room). And tonight we’re invited to fhb’s coworker’s place for board game night, which isn’t generally my thing but they are a fun group of people so I will probably enjoy myself. And if not I’ll be on GT all evening spamming you all with more panda commercials. (The hospital one might be my favorite.)

*still undecided whether this sounds delicious or disgusting. Feel free to try to sway me either way.**

**that’s what she said

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