I’m here to tell you that you need to listen to Laura Mvula and the Metropole Orchestra conducted by Jules Buckley. It is positively enchanting.

This was her own tweet after the show. How someone this talented is so thankful (when we should be on our knees that we got to see her perform) is beyond me!

They were the first performance I saw on stage at North Sea Jazz yesterday and I was Blown. Away. This woman, standing before this great hall managed to make it feel intimate. She showed her soul if you will, which was both fragile and strong. I fell in love instantly. And the rest of the audience with me I’m sure. I saw more than one person erupt into tears, smiles and dancing throughout the performance, including myself!

Her songs are about strength, loneliness, love, specifically loving yourself. Listen to it, it’s magical.

Here is a spotify link for you spotify people!


In general I was positively surprised that out of the performances I saw, 2 of them were single female artists with back-up band. 1 had a leading lady and 1 had a band that was 60% female. And those were the BEST acts I saw all day! Sure there were others. But dang these lady’s all knocked everybody’s socks off.


This announcement was brought to you by Boobiechick who is still insanely happy that Laura Mvula favorited the tweet I wrote about her (that I didn’t even tag her in!). OMGZ