Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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IMPORTANT: New Mods+Invite Thread Link #modtalk

So I was adding some of our lovely new authors and saw something new on the members screen. Our newest mods have been approved. Congratulations to the new team! They are: I am calm but thanks, Edie Beale’s Costume, and krabbypaddy. Welcome, new mods! And SURPRISE for some of you haha. After this weekend we’ll work on getting you all setup with the email account. Any of you feel free to email the groupthinkmods addy for some modding tips/how to’s (or if you have my personal addy feel free to reach me there.) Though all of you are very familiar with our rules so it’s more basic stuff like going through flags, when to warn, etc. I look forward to working with all of you who choose to do so :) We have so many great and helpful GTers that it’s pretty easy to pick out mods!

And of course the summer invite thread is still open and will be for what looks like a month. Unless things really slow down on the adding a full month is probably the application term until fall/winter. Apply at the link to obtain authorship so you can write your own posts and ungray good comments here:


And of course a big thanks to Sorcia for adding our new awesome forum guardians.

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