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Important PSA

For anyone who has recently (or not so recently) moved: Find the closest urgent care center to your house that takes your insurance. Do it now.

Find somewhere that a) is close to you [preferably within walking distance], b) has evening and weekend hours, and c) doesn’t seem to be a drug front or a den of squalor and disease. That’s pretty much all. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be good enough. This isn’t your primary care physician, just somewhere you can go if you need to.

While you’re at it, figure out what hospital you would go to in an emergency. You can be a little pickier with this one if you want, as long as it’s still close-ish. Just make sure you know which one you prefer and where it is.


Write both of these down, or at the very least be absolutely sure that you’ll remember them. This way, you’re not on your computer googling hospitals or looking up urgent care centers in your insurance’s database when you feel like death/have just sliced your hand with a kitchen knife/sprain your wrist/have the flu/whatever. You can just go and not have to worry about it.

This message brought to you by my recently ruptured cyst and taxis that don’t check the crosswalk before turning. (I’m fine, don’t worry.)

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