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Important queries. DOGS.

Okay hive mind, I really need some advice.

I posted a while ago about the fact that I was considering fostering a dog, but in the end after discussing with Mr Kay Kay (who was absolutely neutral to the idea) and some serious reflection, I decided not to pursue it, due to the fact that we had numerous travels booked which took us out of the country, and I decided it couldn't work with a pet to be responsible for at the same time.


I absolutely adore dogs. Cats I like in so much as I like all animals, but I have a particular affinity for dogs. They just make me incredibly happy. I've been living in this city for a number of months now, and still haven't managed to find employment (which is stressful). Obviously I'm still looking. Recently, Mr Kay Kay has been actively suggesting that we get a dog. I think this is partly because he sees my face light up whenever a dog walks past, etc. It may also be that in his head he is beginning to fear that I might suggest we start trying for a baby, lol.

Half of me desperately wants to go ahead with this. We had small dogs when I was growing up, so I know the practicalities of having a pet. As I mentioned, I fucking love dogs. But at the the same time, the other half of me just thinks it would be incredibly irresponsible. Mr Kay Kay has said he is prepared to ask our friends if they would be happy to look after a dog when we go away, which is great, but these people work full time and have fairly active social lives. Even if they agreed, the animal would be left alone in a relatively small apartment during working hours.


Likewise, whilst now I have plenty of time to look after an animal, I obviously would want to find work. It seems selfish to get an animal when in a few months time, I could be working full time. Again, leaving the animal at home alone for hours at a time.

I don't particularly like tiny dogs - my preference is for medium/large animals (like german shepherds or Labradors), but we live on the third floor in an apartment with no garden. There are plenty of parks nearby, but still.


There's also the consideration of extra expenses, such as pet insurance, vaccinations and food costs.

I would never want to get an animal that I couldn't give a very happy life to, but then the evil selfish part of me thinks "how much happier are they going to be in a shelter?" (I would never, ever buy a dog. I would only ever get a dog from a shelter). Fostering could be the solution here, since you don't have to commit to the lifetime of the dog, but can still offer a good home on a temporary basis - but the last time I looked into it, I wasn't having much luck.


Getting a dog would be a really, really, really selfish thing to do, wouldn't it?

Please confirm this to me so I can convince the other half of me that I'm being unreasonable.

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