Are we going to have Halloween-ied spooky user names again this year?!?! It was super fun in 2013 and I encourage GT to consider doing it again, much to Chritter's chagrin. Debate/post your favourites in the comments ETA: Ethusiastic responses are the best! Solicit/share your ideas for fellow GTers in the comments!

I personally loved that it brought us GhostofCourtneyStoddens'Boobs. RIP Medusa's festive handle.

ETA2: Public service announcement to reduce confusion - if you only change your display name, your kinja blog URL and screen name do not change so people can know who you were before Halloween.

ETA3: Beware the ScarletBLOODwine found two lists of Halloween words to help get your creativity flowing.


Happy Hauntings!!