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Important question about being grey on Mainpages & assholes ETA: New Question! ETA2: Sorry

Since I'm grey on Jezebel, I can't dismiss other grey comments. Does that also mean I can tell commenters like this that they are dickbags without upping their status? I probably should ignore it, but fucking christ. How can you read that Christie Mack story and say shit like this?

I have to ask, were you born without a soul? Or did it just erode over time?

ETA2: I'm sorry, I feel like I started something. Now there's a whole conversation started and this guy is getting the attention he wants. I dismissed all his comments to me, but other people are not. LESSON LEARNED!


ETA: So I couldn't resist and responded-but did not recommend. He was grey after I responded. Then some of you good people recommended me. Now he shows up in black ink with one recommend. So was that a trickle down effect from my getting in the black? Or do we think someone else recommended him directly?

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