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Important (TW child sex abuse)

LaTesha Clay, a 15 year old victim of child sexual abuse and trafficking was sentenced in January to nine years in prison for her role in a robbery.

Her role was as the “teen sex” bait for luring adult male Backpage users to a motel where two older teens would rob them. News articles call her a “teen prostitute”. Personally, I think those asshole johns deserved to get robbed, as well as pilloried in the town square for attempting to engage in sex with a child. None of them have faced any charges.

At the age of 15, LaTesha is the mother of two - her first child was born when she was 11, the next when she was 12. Why the fuck no one stepped in at that point to help this victim of child sexual abuse, I do not know.


But, there is some good news - today her family and supporters got word that she will be released next month.

You can read more about her case here and the “Free LaTesha Clay” Facebook page is here

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