Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Instead of boring you with the list of PyCon tech and teaching talks I fell in love with, I'm gonna share Julie Pagano's talk on imposter syndrome 'cause I think a lot of ya'll will relate.

To discourage imposter syndrome in others, she strongly recommends following the Hackerschool social rules:

  1. No feigning surprise - people are allowed to not know things
  2. No well-actually's - is that correction necessary?
  3. No back-seat driving - let people sort it out for themselves
  4. No subtle sexism

But she also gives the following tools for fighting imposter syndrome:

  1. Build a party - support systems are key
  2. Track progress - putting a number to progress makes it more real
  3. Look for positives - balance all the bad with good
  4. Kill heroes - supercoders (or your field's equivalent) are human too

So yeah, it's a solid, rather entertaining talk, and I think some of ya'll may get something out of it.


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