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Welcome To The Bitchery

Background, I had to attend a course yesterday that was for people who had just passed the Maryland bar and were about to be sworn in as lawyers. For most there, this was their first bar and they were just embarking on becoming lawyers. For me, I’ve been a lawyer for a few years now and this was my third bar.

I met a woman who was a physician, took a break to raise her children, then decided to go to law school because she wanted to be a lawyer. She was probably in her late 50s/early 60s (at least one of her children had already gone to law school).

She was *so in awe* of my ‘accomplishments’ (literally just that I’ve passed three bars and I have a job). She was really worried that she wouldn’t get a job because she doesn’t have legal experience and it was just clear that she felt like she was out of her league and didn’t consider anything she’s done to date as accomplishments worthy of other people being impressed with HER.


She reminded me of what I felt like coming out of law school at 25, with no past experience other than “school.” Here she was, in awe of me when literally, this woman is a doctor and a lawyer. This woman decided to follow what she wanted and switch careers later in life and she freaking went for it, going to law school nights. (I couldn’t imagine surviving law school having to also do things other than school full time. I would have died.)

So anyway, I just wanted to give an anonymous internet shout-out to this woman. I hope she gets a job in the field she wants (doctor defense) and that she realizes she does deserve to be there and she IS incredibly accomplished and worthy of awe.

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