So this Raffey business from earlier got me thinking about how extremely manipulative people are able to convince people that they are someone else. A commenter in another thread (can't remember who- please remind me if it's you) mentioned a French guy who impersonated a missing Texas teen. I hadn't heard this story and found this article about it, and boy howdy, is it a DOOZY.

This is a pretty long article but highly, highly worth reading if you have time. It's one of the weirdest true stories I've read, well, maybe ever. It's like a real-life Palahniuk novel.

Here's my thing: I'm an honest person. Too honest. It's gotten me into trouble some times. I don't like lying because there's just too much to remember — liars have to be pretty agile with the bullshit or people will see through their stories right away. So I don't lie. This con-person stuff blows my mind, because as I've said, they must be really bullshit-agile, which is a skill I just do not possess. HOW do they do it? WHY do they do it? Are they psychopaths? What's going on here?