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Ahhh, I am just still irritated by this stupid idiot thing that happened this morning, so I'm going to just share it here.

I was already running late to catch my bus when I realized I'd forgotten my phone this morning so I'm sprinting the two blocks to the bus stop. I have to cross the neighborhood street that I live on to get to the bus stop. So this morning I'm running to the corner so I can safely cross the street, and I can see a woman is approaching the corner in her SUV, but there's a stop sign there, so I go ahead and keep running. I step off the curb right next to the sidewalk.

THEN! The woman leans out her car window and shouts, "You don't run in front of cars like that!!" Like I'm some kind of idiot child that needs admonishing. I was barely going to make the bus so I didn't even have time to turn around or even sound off a "FUCK YOU!"


But AHHHH it just grinds my GEARS, yo! I feel impotent with rage. I was in the right here! She was supposed to stop, anyway! And I don't even get to get a word in edgewise while she smugly speeds away. Boy does it chafe my nads.

Two weeks ago, a woman pulled out in front of me downtown without even looking (I know because I was walking toward her car for about half a block, watching her looking the opposite direction because I trust NO ONE in cars) and as I passed BEHIND her I gave her a little "WTF?" shrug. No nasty words, no finger gestures, just hands up and a little headshake. In response, she hung her head out the window and SCREAMED at me, "It's a blind turn (ed note: it is not), BE NICE!" Ohh, the irony.

UGH. Getting yelled at by jerks in cars sucks.

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