Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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UPDATED: Impromptu SoCal Get Together?

Okay, it looks like most people were available Sunday. FST suggested that we go to the restaurant where she and ThiefBoo had their reception, and since I'm not familiar with the area, I thought we would go with that! So...

Congregation Alehouse
619 Azusa Ave.

I'm thinking a late lunch, around 1pm. Anybody else have any thoughts?

I will write a final update, with a firm time based upon comments, tonight. I'm so excited!



Hey SoCal GTers!

I'm finally mobile again! I can walk reasonable distances, and... I bought a new car yesterday! Which I'm dying to drive up to LA!


Anybody want to get together for lunch/dinner/drinks/karaoke some time this weekend? I'm free both days.

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