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Welcome To The Bitchery

Impulse, and why one should think first...

I drove Almost-MIL to her food pantry today, and while we were waiting in line, we got to talking with the woman behind us. She was talking to her son about what they could cook in their hotel room. I'm one of those people who never learned not to talk to strangers, and so we started chatting.

Turns out that all the fire trucks we heard last night were at her house. They didn't lose the whole house, it will be liveable again, but part of the roof caved in, and it's uninhabitable for the moment. She was mourning the loss of her packed-full pantry and talking about her older kids coming home for Thanksgiving. And then, impulse got the best of me. I invited them to come to our place for Thanksgiving. All 11 of them.


I don't regret it, not one tiny bit, but I am wondering how the hell I'm going to pull this off! We've got... 15 people coming already, for sure. I have a 14(ish) pound turkey, and a 8 pound ham, 10 pounds of potatoes, a couple boxes of stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc. I think I'll need to get another turkey, more sweet potatoes, and more veggies. It's a good thing I've got 2 kitchens to work with, and someone else who likes to cook! I'm mostly trying to figure out seating. There's only going to be actual chairs for about half the crowd. Ah, well. 'Tis the season!

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