Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

The advantage of moving in such a hurry last fall was that I didn’t have time to notice I lived alone. And he’d never really spent any time in the house, so being alone in it with the dogs didn’t feel strange.

We’ve had three of four weeks of winter break. One and a half of them were on the road for one reason or another, but the other week and a half were here. We fixed my janky door and started on a multi-step paint repair projects. (Never paint your cabinets. They chip terribly.) But it had to end and he’s gone and now the house is empty and dirty and doesn’t feel like my house alone anymore.

Anyway, it’s 9 p.m., and I have a billion things I ought to do but I’m too flipping sad. So instead, I’m impulse shopping at Banana Republic. (Don’t worry, I have rewards - most of this is not real money.)

Do I want this sweater in olive, eggplant, or heathered purple?

This tote in raspberry or teal? (Raspberry lined in purple. Teal lined in mint. I kind of want the mint exterior, but know I’d spill something on it instantly.)

And this novelty sweater with red hearts or gray ones? (I would look better in navy, but most of my slacks are black and navy, so wearing it might be a challenge. If we go with gray, we’ll also go with bright lipstick!)

I’m at your mercy, GT!

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