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Hello GT,

It’s time for the semiannual Update! I wanted to share with you all because you all get it ..

About three years ago we moved to Washington and GTemergency helped us get into an apartment there. We got back on our feet and mostly out of debt; we did well and I had an awesome job teaching painting and everything was comfy - until it wasn’t. We had bad habits, drinking too much and eating in the restaurants we worked at too much; we stayed home because we had many acquaintances and no friends.


My friend asked us to show up in Hawaii and we at first said no, but when we looked at our options, it just looked like that was the only open door when our landlady was selling the house within a month and my job that I loved did not appreciate my work (or me- my boss told me I could easily be replaced); so we said lets do it, we got ourselves on a plane to Hawaii and we’ve been here almost a full month now.

It’s working out super good, you guys, I’m painting a mural and my husband has work and we have a gorgeous place to live on an organic sustainable farm and it’s more affordable than seattle. The mural is in trade for rent and use of a vehicle and that’s amazing. Our new friends have so much in common with us; we’ve heard “welcome home” from multiple people.

I have a stomach bug right now but life is still good. We have friends, one of whom made me a broth soup because I’m sick. We have all our basic needs met and then we have this gorgeous location and our own vehicle arrived today. Our friend who invited us is so excited about the outdoor shower my husband built on her property, we have many opportunities.

We are out of the woods! When we have our own tiny home built we will look forward to hosting guests :)

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