Welcome To The Bitchery

In 2 hours...the adventure begins!

MitsuBT will be here in 2 hours. He's spending the night so we can get up and leave for the airport early tomorrow and try to avoid traffic.

I'm doing this. I'm going on a trip with a guy I have only known less than 2 months, but yet who I am strangely comfortable with.

Jezzies, wish me good thoughts. I finally ate some solid food (Lucky Charms!) about an hour ago, and it seems to be okay in my stomach. I think I'm over the worst of whatever the fuck this illness was. Thank Gob for Phenergan and Tums and 7Up and Powerade.


I'll post some pictures when we get back! I'm not taking a computer with me, and cell phone signal is spotty on Kaua'i, so I'll probably talk to you guys again on Monday.

Have a great weekend, guys and gals!

Edit: My landlord just brought over some ginger ale for me. So nice of her. I'm going to beat this!

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