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In 200 Years Cow May Be Largest Land Animal

Well isn’t that special. If this does not prove human beings and Neanderthals (probably entire branch of primates, I think we are primates) we are a plague on Earth nothing will.

Think of the destruction we have done and not just a onetime only deal but going back at least 125,000 years. If we killed for food these animals would still be around. But nope we killed for sake of killing. Partly I am sure to expand settlements.

As a species we and our late cousins never decided to adapt. Since this is worldwide and from the start it seems we have been mass killers of each other and against animals. Its not an anomaly its a design feature.


If this was a human body and a virus was destroying large sections of cells and nutrients we would call that virus a cancer. This is what we have been doing to this Earth.

This is mind blowingly depressing.

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