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In a flu-fun week full of Nyquil-naps, aches and fatigue, one perfect thing happened

It's been a bad, bad seven days, but one perfect thing just happened. Every kernel popped in my bag of jalapeno flavored popcorn without scorching. (My house smells like a gym, because this popcorn maybe shouldn't have rec'd the go ahead before they worked that smell out, and then I add butter, garlic powder and parmesan - green can - to the mix, which isn't helping, but I don'curr, because I can barely smell it. Two good things!)

I'm also here to share the perfection of eating popcorn with chopsticks if you're not already down with that, but (womp womp) it doesn't work well if you're sick and shaky and stuff.


tl;dr Popcorn is good, better with garlic powder, parm and extra butter, and chopsticks so you don't get stuff all over your fingers.

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