So I'm up early getting ready to train for a seasonal part-time retail position. This is somewhat exciting, since I haven't worked in a long time. As I was attempting to sleep last night, though, thoughts were invading my headspace. Now I'm wondering if I should call and cancel training. Here's my list of reservations:

-it's 14 miles away. Through ice and snow, this is going to be a shitgy drive in the ice & snow

-we haven't discussed compensation, but I'll be probably making less than $8/hr.

-Dealing with retail customers over the holidays (I fear Black Friday) will be difficult

-and last but not least, I have an MA so why would I even consider putting myself through this? Shouldn't I be working extra hard to send out resumes so that I can avoid retail?

-However, I need money

-BUT will my paycheck cover more than gas to drive back & forth?

Any thoughts? I'm really not sure what to do.