Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

For like the 7th time this year, I'm at work after school minding my own business and an adorable 6th grader comes around to sell me stuff.

Was it a cookie this time? (Tangental Rant: WHY ARE WE PAYING 1 DOLLAR FOR 2 COOKIES?!! IT USED TO BE TWENTY FIVE CENTS EACH!) A brownie? Filipino lumpia (which had meat and still managed to be a dollar!)? Wontons? Soda?


Nope. Raffle tickets! Coming from a school system that was heavily Mormon, we had no raffles, but apparently it's the jam here. A dollar each! (How are these the same price as always?!)

Fingers crossed. The Jade Household may be getting another Soda Stream it doesn't use.

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