My gyno appointment today? It was superduper easy. I'm like slapping myself for having been so nervous, LOLZ. It literally took all of 3 minutes, and she conversed with me the whole time which helped. She's a nice woman. We're both of the same ethnicity, so we talked about how her parents were visiting from Europe and how her mother had made all of this delicious food for her.

Also, during my visit, my boyfriend sent me an adorable text: "Hello are you aware that you happen to be extremely cute?" ^_^ So that put me in a good mood.

And after the visit, the weather was so nice out that I decided to stop by Starbucks to get an iced drink. And in the same shopping center, there's a Trader Joe's, so I browsed around and bought some deliciously fantasmic Joe Joe's cookies. And I went to the wine&spirits store next to Trader Joe's (because in my state, you can't sell alcohol in places like TJ's) and stumbled upon a wine called Bitch. And just for the name and the packaging, I had to buy it. Picture is not mine:

Anyway, after this morning's PayPal meltdown, today's been getting better and better :)