I had a stopover in Houston. First the plane couldn't land because of thunderstorms or something so the flight was delayed. Then the gate I had to get to was like on the other side of the goddamn airport. I'm not exaggerating when I say I'm pretty sure I walked a mile.

Now, I am pretty out of condition. I had a heavy backpack and was carrying a bag. Also, remember, ALL THOSE LAYERS. I was completely soaked in sweat by the time I got to the gate (thank god there was an empty seat between me and the other passenger in my row because I smelled terrible). Now I'm home and it hurts to lift my arms, and my palms are rubbed raw from the straps.

Oh, and I didn't get a chance to eat anything throughout all of this.

OH, and did I mention that I'm having my period?

On the bright side: I'm an idiot and my scarf was in my bag. I did not discover this until I got home, after having ALL THE ANGST ABOUT IT.

I found the pin too.