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In Case of Fire

Welp, now I know what things I will grab in the case of fire. Pants, dog, purse (thankfully still full of my overnight stuff), and my phone.

I was just waking up from a nap, and I had been up for all of 10 minutes when the building alarm went off. So my first thought was, “Goddamnit, I better put on pants before I go opening the door to inspect what’s going on.” Meanwhile I’ve got a nervous whimpering Little Dude circling my ankles begging for comfort. So I grabbed a pair of leggings and put those on with one hand while cradling my dog with the other.


So I looked out into the hall and all of the fire doors were shut. Shit, probably an actual fire. Nobody else was out in the halls, which was odd, but the noise was unbearable so I couldn’t tell if everyone else had already rushed out or if I was the only person reacting. So I grabbed Little Dude’s leash and my purse, and then grabbed my phone and left.

I passed a man on the stairs and asked what it was and he said someone smelled smoke from the laundry room. The only other people outside were a mom and her small child, so I passed on what I knew. Eventually, other people also trickled out with their dogs. And within a few minutes the fire department showed up. That goddamn alarm went off for 30 minutes.

We spent most of that time away from the noise at the off leash park, until it started raining. Turns out the guy was right, something in our shitty, poorly ventilated laundry room caught on fire. Luckily it was contained enough that it didn’t spread. I guess good thing I did mine on Friday?

I can’t wait to leave this stupid building.

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