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In case this hasn't made headlines where you live...

So last year the University of Texas made headlines for students of color getting bleach bombed near campus. This past month, it happened again. The article is unclear about this, but West Campus is a neighborhood next to campus. It is well known for being very pricy, so you can imagine who I suspect is responsible for these attacks.

I am absolutely disgusted over this whole thing, as an Austinite and a former UT graduate student. I just can't imagine what would possess somebody to do something like this. So much for Austin being a progressive city in a "sea of conservatism" (I don't subscribe to that idea, but I do like the city I live in). No, racism is something that only happens in those redneck towns nobody cares about! (</sarcasm>).


Texas and I have a love-hate relationship, but it has slowly grown on me the longer I have lived here. I vote here. I am socially and politically active here. So please, if you could refrain from going on rants in the comments about how Texas/the South are backwards shitholes full of racists and how you're never going to Texas/the South because of it, I would really appreciate it.

As if the attacks themselves weren't bad enough, a friend of mine posts the article on Facebook and gets this reaction (commenter is a cop from a large metro area in Texas):

Illustration for article titled In case this hasnt made headlines where you live...

Sorry this write-up is all over the place. I have a lot of feelings going on at once. But seriously, that comment. Ugh. Just kill me now.

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